Baby Nora

I met the adorable little Nora just a couple weeks ago. She was such a dream baby and her parents did great job too (they were so natural in front of the camera). 

So it was a bit of a suprise afterwards to receive a message from the mom thanking me and saying that they don't usually enjoy having their picture taken but that the session felt relaxed and they didn't feel awkward at all! Because let's face it - getting your photo taken can sometimes feel unnatural. I sometimes forget that fact since I'm the one usually taking the picture. Just today my husband took a picture of me. So many thoughts were racing through my head "Does this look natural"?, "What should I do with my hands?" and "Does this smile look fake?". 

But in the end getting your photo taken doesn't have to be a stressful experience, and is so worth it. Time moves quickly, so it's so nice to have photos to look back on and remember your life in different phases. With my approach to photography, for most of the session you'll be interacting with your family, laughing and having fun. The goal is really to make you not aware of the camera at all!

Here are a couple of my favourites from the session.