When is the best time of day for photographs? - Toronto Maternity Photographer

This maternity session had it all. Adorable toddler? Check. Glowing mom-to-be? Check. Dad who was game to have fun? Check. Amazing location full of greenery? Check. And of course a spunky little dog too. Plus, it was taken at my favourite time to shoot - during the hour or 1.5 after sunset on a weekday evening. Why is this my favourite time? A couple reasons. On a sunny day the hour or so before sunset is often the most ideal time. The sun is low in the sky and soft, creating a beautiful, flattering glow for my subjects. I also like weekday evening sessions because shooting locations are often a little less busy, so you don't need to worry about dodging the crowds to get the perfect shot. 

I met this family at a secluded park near the lake in the east of Toronto, close to the Beach. We walked around, spotted a bunny, played and captured some beautiful memories of their little family before their whole world changes in just a couple short weeks.

Take a look below for some of the highlights of this session.