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My goal is for the session to feel relaxed and to capture a little slice of this crazy yet wonderful time. I go with the flow for in-home newborn sessions, with lots of breaks for feeding, diaper changes, etc. Your newborn is perfect just the way he/she is so I don’t place babies in unnatural poses or stress if they won't sleep during the session.

For the majority of our session, you'll be interacting with your family so we can get more authentic and less "posey" shots. Even though my pictures may look "candid", I actually provide lots of direction and guidance to help you feel natural in front of the camera. And don't worry at all if your baby’s older sibling won’t sit still or is still adjusting to life with a newborn. We’ll play lots of little games to keep it fun and light hearted, and give them break times.


I recommend feeding the baby as much as he/she wants about fifteen minutes prior to my arrival.  Babies like warmth, so it’s helpful to have the house a little warmer than usual (or even heat the room with a space heater).

If you have an extra minute, please do a quick tidy of the master bedroom, living room and any other rooms you think might be good to photograph. But don’t worry at all about it being spick and span. Feel free to just throw things in a different spare room/space and I promise the camera does not care whether you’ve vacuumed or not!


First, do not worry about any clutter or mess! I have two kids myself, and I understand the stuff that comes with having little ones! I will choose angles to minimize distractions and focus on your lovely little family.

When I arrive, I'll walk around your home and scout out the best lit areas for family shots. There is almost always a bit of natural light shining through your house, and I also have a flash that I’ll bring if we need an extra bit of light.

What Should we wear ?

Clothing is a personal choice but here are some tips. Neutrals tend to look nice in photos but soft pops of colour can also work wonderfully (if colour is your thing). For example, a great colour palette would be a mix of light grey, cream and navy, whereas a not-so-great choice would be to have everyone wear jeans and a black shirt. Here's a Pinterest inspiration board if you're looking for some ideas.

For newborn sessions, when I arrive it’s a good idea to have your newborn swaddled/wrapped in blankets to keep warm and wearing a) only a diaper or b) in a simple neutral onesie (one that doesn’t cover feet) that is form fitting, with no graphics or words. This usually means you will need a preemie or newborn sized onesie. I can also take pictures of your little one in any other favourite outfits. If you have any nice blankets (either swaddling blankets or knits with texture) please gather them up as they are great to use as well.

I’m happy to help with clothing choices, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you’d like my thoughts on any options.